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We deliver world class quality with latest technology in the most reasonable price....

Preet  Machines Limited has successfully designed, built and executed small, medium and mega size Rolling Mills projects like: Hot Strip Rolling Mills, ReBar Rolling Mills, Wire Rod Rolling Mills, Bar Rolling Mills, Light Section Rolling Mills, Meduim Section Rolling Mills, Heavy Section Rolling Mills. Preet have presence across the globe, countries like: U.S.A., Italy, Germany Mexico, Iran, India, U.A.E., Paraguay & Pakistan. Besides complete plants Preet also under-take custom built design equipment’s based on the latest technology for various rolling mill equipment and systems like Reheating Furnaces, Housing-less stands, Convertible Housing-less Stands, Universal Housing-less Stands for Section Rolling, Cantilever Stands, Mono-block / Sizing Mills, Crank / Flying type crop & cobble shears, Crank cum Flying type cut-to-length dividing shears, Thermo-processing units (TMT), Harden & Profile Ground Gears & Gear boxes, Entry and Exit Roller guides and slitting guide boxes for 2 / 3 / 4 slitting, Sliding apron - rake type cooling beds, Cold shears of various sizes (150-600T), Dispatch & Bundling systems, Bar counters. W. systems, Magnetic stackers for section handling, Single / Multi groove straighteners for on-line & off-line application, Hot saws & cold saws, Roll changing robots & Tilters, Roll-pass designs for slitting, angles, channels, I-beams & H-beams.

Our Products

rebar rolling mill

Baby Rebar Rolling Mills

PREET Baby-Mills (Re-Bar Rolling Mills Capacity: 100,000 - 200,000 T / Year) with hot charging technology direct from CCM. PREET has been continuously setting Baby-Rolling Mill standards since 39 years. PREET Baby-Rolling Mill is the right answer for small and medium Production Capacity. Simple...

wire rod rolling mill

Rebar Rolling Mills & Wire-Rod Rolling Mills

PREET Rebar & Wire Rod Rolling Mill Capacity:  300,000 – 1,000,000 T / Year with multi - strand rolling technology (Slitting Rolling Mill Technology). For Production, up-to 1,000,000 T / year. PREET propose continuous rolling mill including all the latest technological features. Composed of Housing-less...

section rolling mill

Section Rolling Mill

PREET Medium Section Rolling Mill & Light Continuous Section Rolling Mill Up-To 600,000 T / Year. A continuous section Rolling mill with high flexibility and the capacity to roll beams, angles, channels and flats of small and medium size. A section rolling mill of this kind can have a capacity upto 600,000 T / Year of sections with a product ranging from 100 to...

Heavy Section Rolling Mill

Heavy Section Rolling Mill

PREET Heavy Section Rolling Mill Capacity: Up-to 600,000 T / Year. PREET Heavy Section Mill to produce wide range of products: Beams, Channels, Angles, Rails, Special Sections, and Parallel Flange Beam & Columns. According to section dimension and rolling program the mill configuration can be: Two...

Wire Rod Block Mill

Wire Rod High Speed Block Mill

PREET Wire Rod Block Mill Max. Speed 90 Meter Per Second. Delta / V type high speed rolling block. Ideally suited for Stainless and Special Steels with 18% average reduction. Ring size 175 - 155 mm for finishing stands and 215 - 195 mm for pre finishing stands. Identical Roll units on both sides, enables operators to keep a minimum stock of spare roll units. Heavy-duty design with low pass ...

Electricals and Automation

Electricals & Automation for Rolling Mills

PREET, a reliable and experienced System Provider for rebar rolling mills, section rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, Process Control Systems, Turnkey solutions, Complete mill automations, AC drive up to 14000 A, DC drive up to 30000 A, Complete software automation up-to Level 3 for ...

Narrow Strip and Plate Mills

Narrow Strip & Plate Rolling Mills

Preet & our associates (American-Indo) Engineering Companies has designed, manufactured and successfully delivered up to 600,000 Tons of carbon steel Stainless Steel hot strips in maximum width of 2000 mm. Narrow Strip Rolling Mill: We have successfully executed 500,000 Tons / year carbon steel hot strips in width of ...

Mill Stands

Housingless Rolling Mill Stands

Designing & Developing All Types Of Rolling Mill Stands Like Cantilever Rolling Mill Stands Horizontal & Vertical Housing-Less Rolling Mill Stands & Universal Housing-Less Rolling Stands. The housing-less design (HLS), are the backbone of modern rolling mills. The HLS design allows the use of the HLS stand cartridges...

Hardened and Grounded Gear Boxes

Rolling Mill Duty Gear Boxes

PREET Hardened & Grounded Gear Boxes Capacity: Up-To 5000 Kw, Quality gearboxes ensure the speed & accuracy of rolling & also reduce the losses during rolling. Our gearboxes with hardened & ground gears provide a compact & rugged solution for your mill for drive capacities up-to 6000 kw ...

AOD converters

AOD Converters Shops

PREET manufactures wide range of Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Converter Shop customised to fit the needs of our clients. We use superior-grade stainless steel and other basic components that are procured from reliable vendors of the industry to manufacture AOD converters......

Shears and Hot Saws

Shears & Hot Saws

Cooling Bed Dividing Shears (TMT Shears) are used to cut cooling bed lengths with surface temperature around 350 degrees Celsius per min. These Shears are generally installed after Quenching line & before entry to Cooling Bed. To provide precise tolerance of cut length, these cooling bed dividing shears driven by Direct...

High Speed Bar Mill

High-Speed Bar & Rebar Rolling Mill

PREET Single Strand High-Speed Bar & rebar rolling Mill up-to 500,000 Tons / year. PREET high-speed bar mill ideally combines low investment cost with high productivity & quality, this solution deliver's fastest return on investment (ROI). Generally, these mills are designed for production up-to 500,000 Tons / year. The typical product sizes ...

Straightening Machine

Section & Profile Straightening Machine

PREET manufactures wide range of section & profile straightening machines. Have a glimpse of Preet section & profile straightening machines...


Reheating Furnace for Rolling Mills

PREET manufactures wide range of furnace that can be used in rebar rolling mills, section rolling mills, strip rolling mills, plate rolling mills. Furnace manufacturing is one of our core competence. Have a glimpse at our huge range of furnace...

CNC Rolling Turning Lathe Machines

CNC Roll Turning Lathe Machines

We are equipped with all world class latest CNC Roll Turning Lathe machines, Notching and branding machines for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills more...

preet plant view

Design & Manufacturing Facilities Worldwide

Preet that engineers and constructs high-tech rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills plants needs to constantly analyse and optimize its own production system. That's why we have systematically designed efficient processes in all of our manufacturing facilities...

Preet Machines Limited - Hot Rolling Mill Manufacturer

Preet Machines Limited has been serving Hot Rolling Mill and Hot Rolling Mill Equipments Industry for over three decades. This makes Preet Machines a front-runner company involved in manufacturing high performance and reliable Hot Rolling Mills for Long and Flat Products. We are also manufacturing Individual Rolling Mill Stands and Individual Components for Hot Rolling Mill Plants. 

Preet Machines Limited conducts technical feasibility studies for modernization of existing Hot Rolling Mill Plants as well as installation of individual components for Re-Bar Rolling Mill, TMT Bar Mill, Wire Rod Block Rolling Mill, Section Rolling Mill and Alloy Steel Rolling Mill. 

We have in-house facilities to produce an array of Hot Rolling Mill and Hot Rolling Mill Equipments for Flat & Long Products. 

Scope of our Hot Rolling Mill Services inculdes :

  • TMT Bar Mill and Wire Rod Rolling Mill up-to 500,000 Tons / year
  • Customized Light, Medium & Heavy Section Rolling Mill up-to 500,000 Tons / year for Hot Rolling Mill Industry
  • Rolling Mill Stands for Hot Rolling Mill Plants up to 1000 mm
  • Wide range of Gears up to 4000mm – 30 modules for any type of Hot Rolling Mill Stand.
  • Speed Reduction Gear Boxes up to 6000 kW rating for New Hot Rolling Mill Stand or Any Existing Rolling Mill Plant
  • EOT Cranes up to 100 Tons capacity
  • Hardened and Ground Gears and Gear Boxes up to 2000mm - 25 modules.
  • AOD Converter Shop & LD Converter Shop

Key Product Areas

We are manufacturing Hot Rolling Mill Products from last 39 Years. Our Hot Rolling Mill Solutions includes:

  • Wire Rod Rolling Mill upto 500,000 Tons per year with european technology.
  • Re-Bar Rolling Mill upto 500,000 Tons per year with slit rolling european technology.
  • Light Section Rolling Mill / Structure Rolling Mill & Heavy Section Rolling Mill upto 500,000 Tons per year
  • Steel Rolling Mill Stands like Housing Less Rolling Mill Stands, Pre Stress Rolling Mill Stands, Universal Rolling Mill Stands for Sectoin Rolling Mill / Structure Rolling Mill, Horizontal and Vertical Rolling Mill Stands (H/V Type)
  • Wide Range of Gear and Gear Boxes like Pinion Gear Boxes, Reduction Gear Boxes, Reduction cum Pinion Gear Boxes upto 6000 kW rating and 4000mm OD and 30 modules
  • Hardened and profile ground gears and gears boxes like pinion gear boxes, Reduction gear boxes, Reduction cum pinion gear boxes upto 6000 kW rating and 2000mm OD and 25 modules
  • AOD converter Shop & LD Converter Shop
  • EOT Cranes upto 100 Tons capacity.
  • Shearing machines like start and stop type flying shears, continuous type flying shear, crank type flying shears, crop and coble shears, cold shears, billet cutting shear for M.S and S.S.
  • Gear Couplings for all applications.
  • Allied equipments for steel rolling mill like automatic cooling beds (Rack Type cooling beds), turn-over cooling beds, Section and bar straightening machines, TMT quenching boxes, twin channels and hot / cold rolling mill for ferous and non ferous metals.
  • Complete range of Guiding equipments like entry guide boxes, twist pipes and slitting boxes (Slit Guide Box)
  • Fabrication, Machining and assembly up to 100 Tons in single piece as per customer design and specifications.


Preet Group also involves in General Machines Manufacturing Solutions to cater the need of wide array of industries including Cold and Hot Shearing machines, Automatic and Manual Cooling Beds, Straightening machines, and Hot and Cold Rolling Mill.